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One of the convenient aspects of having your client in a sideline position is that after treatment, you can easily ask them to turn even a little more on their side and utilize the leg off the table to allow them to have a wonderful stretch of the entire lateral side that you have just worked on.

Seth place your head
right here and scoot your upper body
over just a bit.

Good. And with your
left hand hold on to the table for your
own security and scoot your tail back
just a little bit toward me.

Very good. And then as I hold him here to keep him
in side lying position I ask him to let
his left leg come off the table and just
let it relax notice.

I place my elbow
into my body so that I can hold this
strong young man in position. Not only is
it a good stretch there on the table but
it also and gives the client an
understanding of what they might want to
be doing at home to potentiate the work
that you’ve done.

So teaching these kinds
of remedial exercises to your clients
really does differentiate you as a
therapist from the typical massage
therapist and it establishes a different
kind of relationship where your clients
will see you in a very different light.

If that’s the kind of practice you want
to have client-centered, results-oriented
where your clients know that they can
come to you to get out of pain and back
in their game, then this is the course
work for you.

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