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Hi. I’m Sam Small, Director, Health Matters Seminars

Over ten years ago, David Morin and I set out to document the Clinical Approach to Massage that he’d been practicing and teaching for over 40 years.

I’m inspired daily by our students who consistently describe this work as “Life Changing”, for themselves, their clients, and their families.

Whether you practice on your own, work for a clinic, or manage a Spa, I can help tailor a tuition package that’s right for you (and your staff).

Schedule a call here or simply try us now at (973) 271-0788.
If we don’t pick up, leave and message and we’ll get right back to you.

Let’s get you started transforming lives and on the path to success and satisfaction!

Upgrade your practice with Certification in Medical Massage

We offer Advanced Training for already practicing massage therapists.
These are not beginner’s courses, Thanks.

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