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Courtesy: Massage Magazine:

Some good ideas on advancing your massage career. We highlight this one as our Masterclass in Medical Massage is specifically designed to prepare you to transition into Medical/Clinical Specialization.

“3. Don’t specialize yourself out of work. For example, suppose you are going to start a private practice and want to specialize in a type of massage and serve a specific demographic, such as athletes. In that case, it is wise not to alienate other potential clients with your marketing. Do advertise the specialization, but not to the exclusion of other types of clients.

For example, “Specializing in Athletic Performance and Therapeutic Massage” would be language that would not eliminate your ability to work with all types of people. At the beginning of building your private practice, you need to serve all types of clients and provide a variety of adaptive bodywork to generate the income necessary to make your business work. Down the road, you can refine your client list based on your specialization.”

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