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As usual, our students say it best:

Certification in Medical Massage Therapy. NCBTMB Certificate, CE Hours in Clinical Massage. Get Certified as a practitioner of Medical Massage Therapy.

Welcome to

Advanced Training & Certification in
Medical Massage Therapy!

There are many techniques courses but we don’t know of any other series that covers the essentials of clinical practice with this depth:

    • Essentials of Clinical Practice
    • Specific Problems Effectively Addressed
    • Assessments
    • Hands-on Techniques
    • Rehabilitation Exercises
    • Therapeutic Hydrotherapy
    • Soft Tissue Pathologies
    • Comprehensive Illustrated Course Manuals
    • DVD’s of the Assessment Protocols
    • NCBTMB Approved

Start our On-Line Masterclass today, self-paced.
Live Techniques Intensives each Spring & Fall in select cities.

We created these courses to develop and enhance the clinical skills of practicing massage therapists and other health care professionals engaged in soft tissue injury rehabilitation.

Medical Massage Therapy has been defined by some as massage either prescribed by a physician or massage performed in a physician’s office. While both of these conditions may exist, it is my belief and experience that Medical Massage Therapy includes any massage performed with a desired clinical outcome while honoring any contraindications. Settings may include office, home, home visit, spa, or athletic venue. The trend is that most clinically oriented massage therapists seek an umbrella large enough to cover the scope of their skills.

Medical Massage Therapy offers an ideal umbrella. To even begin to fit into the medical model requires excellent manual technique in addition to comprehensive assessment and documentation, communications with physicians and impeccable ethics. Acceptance also means that doctors and patients realize that the Medical Massage Therapist fills a gap in our health care system- high-quality, hands-on soft tissue manipulation.

We have a unique opportunity to perform an essential role in injury rehabilitation that has been overlooked and ignored by several specialties. In 30 years of practice, my quest has been to promote the acceptance of highly skilled massage therapists by the medical community as well as the general public. As an instructor, my mission is to inspire you to join this quest and to provide you with some of the tools with which to make it reality.

Continuing education plays a critical role in NCBTMB’s recertification program. In fact, nationally certified practitioners re-certify every four years, and those who select the CE option are required to earn credits from an NCBTMB Approved Provider. This ensures that certificants receive quality instruction of the highest standards.

Approved Provider of The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

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