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To All Medical Massage Therapy Students, Practitioners and Instructors:
This is a link to an important article by Whitney Lowe, LMT, which appeared in the July 2009 Issue of Massage Today, the free one with so many essential articles for the clinical practitioner.
This article brings to our attention two possible caveats to performing manual treatment to Longus Colli and Longus Capitis muscles in the anterior neck. Recall that in my Cervical class we find the carotid pulse and stay well medial to treat these two deep muscles covering the anterior spine. Read the article to appreciate my concern.
Based on this information, new to me, I present this particular technique in MMT I with caution. I seldom use this technique, and cannot recall a time where this technique made a major difference in treatment of whiplash. Thorough treatment of scalenes, SCM, trapezius along with gentle stretching goes a long way toward helping the anterior neck, as in whiplash. Possibility of plaque release is enough for me to consider this technique contraindicated under some conditions.
Thanks to Whitney Lowe for providing an essential update for all manual therapists.
This is exactly the kind of evidence-based clinical information we need to fulfill the cardinal rule of medicine; First, Do No Harm, to practice conservative, powerful manual therapy.
Peace and prosperity to all,
David Morin, LMT
Health Matters Seminars

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