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To hopefully inspire you to want to learn treatments that few other Massage Therapists perform, we’re offering up this short video excerpt from our comprehensive, online Masterclass.

In it, our founder David Morin demonstrates using the Beveled L-bar to go where your fingers can’t, effectively treating the Lamina Groove.
The beveled L-bar is one of three “thumb savers”, inspired by Dr. Raymond Nimmo, that are at the core of the techniques we teach that can extend your massage career by saving your thumbs, shoulders, and back.

A visionary in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s, Dr. Raymond Nimmo’s, unique emphasis on muscular aspects faced skepticism and ostracism from fellow chiropractors. Yet, his pioneering spirit prevailed as he sought to elucidate the intricate connections between muscles and the nervous system.

Dr. Nimmo’s concepts remain highly sophisticated and influential to this day. Numerous contemporary soft tissue and myofascial therapies find their roots, either directly or indirectly, in his profound discoveries, writings, and educational seminars.

He asserted that not only spinal joints but also the body’s soft tissues could trigger nervous system irritations. His neurological theories concerning trigger point formation and their integration into the nervous system remain foundational and are a cornerstone of the work we teach.

Full Video Transcript:

(···2.2s) Lamina groove treatment with the beveled L bar. (···0.7s) I got this technique from Dr. Raymond Nimmo out of the Nimmo work from way back in the fifties. If you’ll use this technique delicately, gently at first and thoroughly, up and down both sides of the spine, you will find it very, very important to spinal mobility and freeing up pain in the spine. This is the spinous processes and the transverse processes.  

This entire area here where my finger is on either side is the lamina groove. No major blood vessels, no major nerves, lots of little muscles. (···0.6s) So we’ll come in with the (···0.6s) Dr. Raymond Nimmo beveled (···0.7s) L bar tool and come in at a 45 degree angle and work (···1.0s) this direction and then a scooping manner just like that (···0.8s) to thoroughly soften all of these little paraspinal muscles.  

The multifidus, (···0.7s) the rotator. (···0.6s) As with all pressure techniques, it, it’s a learned skill as to how much pressure to use. I do like to use the index finger of my opposite hand to guide me as I’m going in the lamina groove and also to give me an idea of how much pressure I can be using when I place the L bar works rather nicely through the clothing by the way. In fact, the clothing, a layer of cotton here provides a little bit of buffer for this instrument. So in finding the spinous processes with my fingers, just like that, my fingers are in the lamina.  

I come in with the L bar at a 45 degree angle, just like that. (···0.6s) And I usually treat with the finger and thumb just in this manner. I’ll bring them up just a little bit so that you can see (···0.6s) the neoprene rubber tip of the L bar so that you can see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, (···3.5s) and then scoop, (···1.1s) scoop, (···1.3s) scoop, (···0.6s) move it.  

One width of the tip and repeat. 1, 2, 3. (···2.0s) For the lamina groove, you use the beveled L bar. Uh, but you have other hand tools, the thumb savers that allow the therapist to apply sustained pressure without using their thumbs. The value of the thumb savers is to allow the therapist with injured thumbs to use sustained pressure as needed to get the results that they’re looking for.  

(···0.6s) Embracing the use of these thumb saves can literally extend your massage career. So many therapists stop giving massage because their thumbs or shoulders wear out. And the techniques that David has developed to sustain his own career and that he teaches in his medical massage therapy coursework can help you extend your career. (···0.6s) So if you are starting to feel your thumbs give out or your shoulders giving out, then this coursework can really benefit you.  

Specifically, you can extend your career using the techniques that David has developed to continue his own career. He’s 75 years old and he’s still going strong. You can too join David Marin in Health Matters Seminars, Medical Massage Therapy. (···12.3s)  

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