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Our students say it best…

Online Masterclass in Medical Massage Therapy from Health Matters Seminars:

Our founders developed this extraordinarily thorough course curriculum over their combined 80 years as clinical therapists and instructors.

Delivered live from 2001 to 2015, students had to spend 12 days in a classroom away from home to go through our entire comprehensive program.

Our Masterclass is a comprehensive online adaptation of that entire curriculum. As our student, you’ll have unlimited access to lessons delivered through 100’s of downloadable videos, a 350-page illustrated course manual, our online student discussion group, and live webinars.

Beyond the Routine
Through presentations, demonstrations, and online interaction you’ll learn how to apply clinically-proven, client-centered treatments that bring pain relief and restored function where other therapies, and therapists, have failed.

Professional Protocols
You’ll learn how to apply established, professional best practices and clinical protocols to every client session to best relate to Insurance Companies, Doctors, Dentists, and other Medical and Legal Professionals.

Career Longevity
You’ll learn how to avoid overuse injuries and Therapist Burnout by adopting ergonomically correct, alternative approaches and tools that replace repetitive pushing and thumb work.

Comprehensive Approach 
We’ll review relevant anatomy and you’ll learn to consistently apply medical terminology, documentation, assessment tests, remedial exercises and hydrotherapy for your client’s maximum benefit.

Relevant Pathologies
You’ll learn the indications and contraindications of over 100 different soft-tissue injuries and conditions that can be successfully addressed through massage therapy and a whole bunch more that you’re likely to see but cannot really impact.

Making Referrals and Modifications
You’ll learn the common maladies relevant to musculoskeletal pain complaints that justify referral to other health professionals and/or require modification during  therapeutic massage.

Effective Treatment Strategies
You’ll learn how to best prepare your clients to receive your treatments with the clothes on, no oil approach, how use pillows to properly place your client in the side-lying body position, and slacking “tricks” to access discrete muscles.

Client Communication
You’ll also learn how to establish and maintain interactive communication with your clients to best guide your treatments and keep your pressure “just right”.

Many Modalities
The massage therapy techniques David teaches have been selected from a broad range of treatment modalities based on their demonstrated effectiveness and include:
Swedish with an emphasis on friction and gliding
Trigger Point Therapy to eliminate referred pain
Muscle Energy Techniques for hypertonicity
Myofascial Techniques to address fascial restrictions
Osteopathic Oscillation Movements for muscle relaxation
Hydrotherapy to affect blood circulation and promote healing
Rehabilitative Exercises for client self-care

Critical Thinking
Most importantly, rather than providing particular recipes for particular pathologies, David and Wanita will teach you how to use all the tools, and your own critical thinking skills to deliver individualized, client-centered care that is consistently effective.

Clinical Integration
You’ll learn to develop and deliver an effective multi-session treatment plan, based on clinical assessments that, along with your own unique, holistic intuition and sensitive, hands-on talents, will best serve your clients and integrate with other healthcare professionals.

Professional Status
The clinical skills you will learn will set you apart as a Medical Massage Therapist, providing soft tissue manipulations that get results where others fail, playing a vital, truly hands-on role in resolving your client’s injuries, conditions, pain, and dysfunction.

Your passing grade on the multiple-choice test for each of the six courses makes you eligible for a 72 On-Line CE Hour Certificate of Achievement, suitable for framing.

*State CE requirements vary widely.
Please find out if your state accepts or limits “Home Study” CE Hours.

* MMT I – Cervical Spine Pain & Dysfunction
* MMT II – Upper Extremity Pain & Dysfunction
* MMT III – Thoracic Spine Pain & Dysfunction
* MMT IV – Lumbar Spine & Hip Pain & Dysfunction
* MMT V – Lower Extremity Pain & Dysfunction
* MMT VI – Physical Assessment & Objective Documentation

*Over 100 Physical Assessments for pain, posture,
active and passive range of motion.

*Over 50 Special Regional tests that can pinpoint specific pathologies.

*We cover over 100 different pathologies that can be successfully addressed through massage therapy and a bunch more are identified that a massage therapist is likely to see but cannot really impact.

*43 of which are easily approachable in the side-lying position that is rarely ever taught in traditional massage school.

*We cover over 30 contraindications of what not to do and when.

*And finally we highlight over 175 specific musculoskeletal injuries, conditions and pains.

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