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Sam Small, Director, Course Creator, Massage Client

At age 30 I had my first emergency cervical discectomy with fusion due to a hug. Yep, a hug.

A bone spur that probably would not have made itself known for another 20 years ruptured the disc at C4/5, shooting pins and needles through my fingers and toes.

Lucky me, I was in emergency surgery within days of being diagnosed and I didn’t get paralyzed.

I’ve had three more discs fail since then, so C4/5, C5/6, and C6/7 are all fused and they did a partial trim to C7/T1 from the back in 2014.

You can imagine then that I’m an expert client, receiving an enormous amount of massage and trigger-point acupuncture over the years.

Imagine too what a gift it was for me as a client to move to Maui and find here David Morin practicing his expertise in Medical Massage Therapy.

From our very first session, I knew the work David did was exceptional and exactly what I needed to help maintain my mobility and stay pain-free.

David had been teaching his live classes across 10 western states since 2001 but traveling was getting expensive and enrollment was suffering.

Having had a successful 30-year career in NYC making commercials and documentaries, and since moving to Maui and creating online Masterclasses on Death and Dying for the legendary Ram Dass and Joan Halifax called “Dying Into Love”, and Acupressure Mastery for Michael Gach, the Founder of the Acupressure Institute in S.F., it was right up my ally to partner with David to do everything we could to bring Medical Massage Therapy to as many therapists and clients as possible.

TherapyEDU.net is the result of that work and with David now retired I am carrying on his legacy with the support of a growing list of excellent teachers like Barbara Ollis who David trained for years and picked to be the first new instructor to carry on his legacy.

I designed and administer the online course and am continually humbled by the extraordinarily positive feedback we get about the online Masterclass and 4-Day Techniques Intensive now led by Barbara Ollis.

Our students love this work – it changes lives, for them and their clients. It did mine.

Feel free to reach me at (973) 271-0788 or at samsmall@TherapyEDU.net

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