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TherapyEDU.net Catch the Medical Massage Wave

Congress passes the NOPAIN Act

The NOPAIN Act triggers a wave of opportunity for Massage Therapists trained in Clinical or Medical Massage.

NOPAIN increases Medicare access to non-opioid pain management, including massage, to help heal our national opioid epidemic.

Stress reduction is fundamental to well-being so there will always be a place for relaxing or Wellness Massage. But this is different.

NOPAIN creates a new wave of demand for therapists with a clinical orientation that most massage schools don’t teach.

To meet this demand is exactly why we created our online Medical Massage Masterclass.

Our comprehensive program will give you the credibility and confidence to work directly with Primary Care, PT, Chiro, and Pain Management clinics as staff or independent partners in client care.

As our student, you’ll have unlimited access to lessons delivered through 100’s of downloadable videos, a 350-page illustrated course manual, our online student discussion group, and live webinars.

Advance your career and your satisfaction knowing you have maximized your capabilities and impact on clients. Go beyond simple relaxation, with tools and skills to treat specific injuries and conditions and relieve pain in people very much in need.

Catch the Medical Massage wave!  Click here to sign up for info and tuition discounts.

Click here for  an overview of our courses:

Congress.gov provides this summary for the NOPAIN ACT: “This bill temporarily establishes separate payments for certain non-opioid treatments under the Medicare prospective payment system for hospital outpatient department services and the payment system for ambulatory surgical center services. The bill applies to pain management treatments that are able to replace or reduce opioid consumption, as shown through clinical trials or data.”03-02-2021 NOPAIN One Pager

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