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Add a Medical Massage UPSELL and attract NEW CLIENTS who won’t disrobe for massage.

Upgrade & retain staff with Certification from Health Matters Seminars.

Marcy Kernez tells why she invested in herself
and 11 of her therapists to take our online Masterclass:

“Here’s a program that I, as a business owner, am investing in. It’s going to give our clients more options.
There’s a lot of people who would like to work with a massage therapist but they don’t want their clothes off.
I like that it’s so different than our other sessions. We will charge more.
David Morin’s Medical Massage is a world apart from everything else online… amazing depth.
Others, where you go away for four days and come back with a medical massage certification? There’s a night and day difference… I don’t want someone that’s a medical massage therapist on paper, without the skills.
It’s obvious that the therapists who are getting this additional training are building their clientele faster.
Bringing in this Medical Massage component is going to make a huge difference. I’m super excited.”

Barbara Ollis is looking forward to delivering our optional, 4-Day Certification Intensive to Marcy’s entire staff.

Retain your staff longer with enhanced personal satisfaction and burn-out protection using our No-thumbs, Seated Therapist, and Less push/More pull techniques.

Open up a NEW UPSELL to your existing clients and attract NEW CLIENTS who don’t want to disrobe to get a massage treatment.

Enter your email address for more details, and call Sam Small at (973) 271-0788 for group prices.

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