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You know, I’ve done everything I can to save my hands and thumbs by not using the thumbs and using a lot more forearm than I ever used to, because it’s a lot more saving on the body.

As I’ve aged over 37 years I’m not nearly as strong as I used to be and I don’t deliver the same amount of force as I once could. But I can certainly use leverage to my advantage and that’s exactly what I’m striving to do when I’m using a forearm.

I want to use leverage. I might reach down brace here so that I get a better leverage point for using the forearm.

Any pulling that I can do, rather than pushing, also saves my body because we do so much pushing in our work and anything that I can do to save that and work at it.

Just in reverse. It really saves those muscles, uses different muscles and allows me to have a longer career.

It’s what’s been working for me. I’m still working and doing fine with it and I want to share some of these things with you.

So, for instance, it can happen all over the body but for instance here if I brace here and I do a pulling technique here then I’m using completely different muscles that I seldom get to use when I’m pushing.

The pushing causes a strain in the back and up and through here in the traps and even in the intraspinatous and so forth. But here I’m able to use a pulling technique just with fingers not with thumbs and do cross fiber with pulling. It works very nicely right there at the hip.

It works very nicely down here in the calf. Where I’m able to hold the foot here and do a pulling cross fiber, over the anterior tibialis. Simply bracing and I’m not required to lean in and do a push technique which might put my back in a strange position but here I can keep my spine straight and do a pulling and even included and make it into a rocking.

Noticed the rocking technique that gets, works its way up through the client’s body. And that’s very very good for those of you who have studied. Tai Chi and Chi Gong and the wave technique. Then you’ll know just exactly what I’m saying that this is very beneficial to the body.

Another place. Would be in the ankle where I can place a push place and a push here and a pull on the ankle. Right in here.

Another technique would be as I move the upper leg here and I ask her to straighten the lower leg please. Put that down there. And here’s a good place where I can use a pulling technique, I can brace excuse me I can brace her leg and pull across the fibers of the adductors. By holding here and pulling, do the quads. All across the knee itself.

The pes anserine, can work right in here on that. And can work just down the leg.

Here’s another one that I can use this as a holding and a pushing as well as a pulling here. This combination. A gentler push making it a gentler push by the use of the pull technique pulling and pushing rather than just having it static and pushing on her only so you see the variation there.

Gives different muscles on my body a chance to come into play. And gives me a chance to use other muscles that I wouldn’t ordinarily use and yet get a really good treatment done.

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