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Our structured, 72 Hour CE-approved Medical Massage Masterclass tends to attract capable and motivated therapists who want the advanced knowledge and skills that maximize the individualized benefits they provide clients, way beyond the typical Wellness Massage.

Our graduates are indeed specialists, schooled in the Clinical Process, and are ready to integrate into any professional environment.

Not only are they skilled in performing specific therapies to treat acute and chronic musculoskeletal complaints, they have received extensive training in assessments and documentation as well.

We teach soft tissue manipulation of a clothes-on client, using little or no oil, with no need of draping.

This ease of therapy reduces care time and provides modesty when the MT performs range of motion exercises and passive stretching.

Outcome and Evidence Based, Client-Centered Care

A hallmark of our program are the critical thinking skills our students learn to develop and deliver extremely thorough, individualized treatment that supports and enhances medical care.

Our comprehensive curriculum covers the basic sciences: Functional Anatomy, Kinesiology, Soft Tissue Pathology and Medical Terminology.

Learning to assess the client before and after therapy guides the MT towards clear indications and contraindications for hydrotherapy, massage and engaging the client to practice specific remedial movements.

Co-Creators David Morin BA, LMT and Wanita Thompson, RN, LMT developed this extensive curriculum throughout their combined 84 years studying biomechanics, hydro and massage therapy, as practicing specialists and instructors of Medical Massage Therapy.

Both were recognized by the World Massage Festival’s Hall of Fame in 2019.

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